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The term maillot refers to a traditional one-piece style of swimsuit. It is a term largely used by fashion designers to differentiate one-piece swimsuits from two-piece bikini swimsuits. However, the maillot can also refer to leotards and tights used for dancing or gymnastics.

The maillot swimsuit, of course, does not refer simply to only one style of one-piece swimsuit. There are now as many different kinds of one-piece swimsuits as there are different types of bodies to wear them. When using the term maillot, fashion designers are generally speaking of a tank-style one-piece swimsuit with high-cut legs. However, maillots can also have plunging necklines, halter straps, strategically placed cutouts, and even turtleneck-style tops.

The maillot has held a prominent place throughout the history of swimsuits. It was one of the first swimsuit designs to reveal a large amount of skin while retaining social acceptability. When spandex fabric came into greater popularity and availability in the 1960s, fashion designers first used this fabric with the maillot style of swimsuit to create the first prototype of the tight-fitting swimsuit that is now so common.

There are, of course, several variations on the basic maillot style. Fashion designers have experimented (often with success) with the one-shoulder maillot, the halter neck maillot, the bandeau maillot, and, most recently, the maillot with cutouts. Each of these swimsuits offers women the chance to enhance their own personal style with a unique and stylish maillot.

Currently, the maillot remains popular throughout the world, and many women continue to wear it. The strength of the maillot is the overall, slimming coverage it offers for women’s bodies. It is this strength that inspires many women to select the maillot as their swimsuit of choice.

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